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Water is a clear, pellucid, transparent fluid which forms the streams, lakes, oceans and rain, is the major constituent of the fluids of living things chemical compound, and the most widely used of all solvents. We feel proud that we also play a significant role in contributing to save nature's most precious natural resource.

UBARMS water is a software product which is developed to analyse utilization, uses, Accounts maintaining and distribution of the water Bills to consumers.

In briefly It is scalable product which is very useful to all kinds of municipal corporations, water Boards or any private or public bodies, who is involved in water distribution, measurement and supply it for any specific purpose,

This powerful product provides a complete solution for Water billing, accounting, managements and Services for distributions of usage bills to the consumers.

This unique product is well architectured and developed to suit all areas where billing, accounting and Revenue managements system which are in existence.

This solution provides the appropriate reading so as to get the best returns. It provides finest financial data, customer information, and water system data with all the necessary functions.

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