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iSurvey : Field Survey Management System

iSurvey is a solution proposed for automation of area frame survey. It is based on client server architecture

  • Field survey (mobile/smart phone) application
  • Communication Server application
  • Database and Mapping application

It runs on mobile devices (smart phone/tablet) with built-in GPS and GSM/GPRS facilities. Application will consist of customized forms which allow users to fill in the necessary details for survey data collection. Maps/imagery will be included to assist field teams to navigate and geo-tag crop fields.

Communication Server application

It receives and stores the field data sent from the mobile device through Internet and provides features for visualization, query and analysis. Spatial as well as survey / tabular data will be made available for further processing, query, analysis and reporting.

Database/Mapping application

It consists of database and mapping modules. The DB module stores the data in the database for querying. Data and activity logging functionality are also available for optimal utilization of system. The Mapping module plots the newly arrived data on maps.

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