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iSafe Envi WMS

iSafe Envi WMS :- Web based real time monitoring system with integrated mobile solutions to the Package System of Municipal Waste Management System.

iSafe Envi WMS product include Web based real time Monitoring Waste management (Secondary collection and transportation system) , Mobile Governance, Vehicle system, Geo-fencing. Dustbins Management System (secondary collection) CRM , Attendance management system .

iSafe Envi WMS is a unique accountability mechanism because the ubiquitous, easy-to-use mobile phone has made possible the combination of accountability tools and processes. The unification is made possible by the innovative use of the largely ignored mobile phone eye (camera), leading to the generation of real-time off-site images of municipal activities valued by citizens. Municipalities are more responsive and responsible because complete and reliable information on their activities and outputs is available in the public domain at a single point. Cell phone monitoring of various civic activities e.g. sanitation (dumper bins, street sweeping, attendance and anti-larval operations), street Sweeping (on-off status), Bin maintenance & attendance, Town planning etc. This initiative has helped in making administration transparent, gave information access on civic services to officials, non- officials and citizens, besides enabling generation of real time reports for monitoring civic services. All in all, iSafe Envi WMS is a reliable monitoring tool that has led to citizen empowerment.

The solution is loaded to the cell phones Online / Offline mobile solutions. Images uploaded by them triggers the generation of real time reports required for the supervision / monitoring. iSafe Envi WMS is in public domain and citizens have access to all its features like any Govt. official. Citizens can send their complaints on the civic services through SMS and besides getting an acknowledgment status online.

Uniqueness of the Initiative

  • Innovativeness of the iSafe Envi WMS mechanism is founded on the integration of accountability tools and processes by relying on the eye of the mobile phone
  • Availability of real time reports / data / images in public domain
  • Utilizing the easy-to-use mobile phone eye (camera) for civic governance
  • Reviews based on reports generated with 8 seconds latency
  • Auto SMS to citizens upon registration of grievance (through mobile phone) and after redressal. Status verification of grievance through website
  • Making municipal mangers more responsive and responsible and making citizens responsible
  • Single point availability of various civic activities and outputs in public domain
  • Usage of GPS / GPRS
  • Satellite captured Latitude / Longitude and date/time stamp on all images
  • Utilizing Photo comparison and perimeter binding technologies
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