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iFlow Meter & Sensor

We are prime Supplier and Distributor of All Type of Water Meters, Flow Meters, Sensors, level indicator & systems Integrator. Which is available with high speed working feature? These are manufactured using excellent quality raw material with employing latest machines and tools.
The company is looking forward with confidence to a future of continuous innovation & ever increasing standards of performance.
A unique blend of tradition and innovation helps to join the ever growing list of customers.
The products are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards, thus guaranteeing consistently excellent product quality, which is maintained in the field by an efficient and responsive after-sales service.
Supply, Installation and Maintenance of all type Domestic Water Meter, Flow Meter & Sensor with Online Web Based & Mobile based Solutions

Water Meter

  • Water Meter (Single Jet and Mulijet)
  • Cold Water Flow Meter
  • Digital Flow Meter
  • Mechanical Flow meter
  • Full Bore Electromagnetic Flow Meter
  • Insertion Type Flow meter
  • Ultrasonic
  • Flow Sensor
  • Digital Flow Totalize Meter
  • Hot Water Flow Meter

Sensors & systems Monitoring

  • On line Monitoring Sensors & systems
  • Level sensors with Web based monitoring.
  • Flow sensors with Web based Monitoring
  • Pressure sensors with Web based Monitoring
  • Water quality measuring sensors with Web based Monitoring
  • Flood level monitoring in Sewage pits Web based Monitoring
  • Dam Level sensing with Web based Monitoring
  • Canal Level Sensing with Web based Monitoring
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