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Android Mobile based field servery solutions

As like our other mobile products, iSurvey is also built on new generations Mobile apps software for its major feature to take survey data of any purpose it May for survey of Water connections details or it may for electricity connections, this multipurpose product can customized according to domain.

iSurvey has advanced feature like Online and Offline both, i.e consumer Details and status can be check and know the status at real time bases using GPRS technology and also supports offline Details if Connectivity not available and it can be re check later on.

iSurvey has been developed with taking priority of accuracy as it will provide powerful and necessary information about consumer information, connections, consumer details, purpose of usage type of consumer etc.

iSurvey is very handy as it is developed for smart phones; but it has very powerful performance, user friendly and touch interface to operate all level of functionalities.

iSurvey also displays facility to provide Paper Printed Cash collected receipts with help of integrated Bluetooth Technology or wireless portable printers.

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