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Water is primary needs for living the life and it has to be well utilized, and well maintained. We feel proud that we are also play a significant role in contributes to save nature's most precious thing.

Our ranges of mobile solutions are:


Android Revenue Mobile Solutions is the collection of mobile based solutions or Mobile Apps which helps to improve customer satisfaction through various modules

  • iBills (spot billing)
  • iCash(spot collections)
  • iReports(Consumer Billing status Reports)
  • iMeterVue (Consumer Meter view)
  • iPortal(consumer Information Portal)
  • iCom (Consumer Help service & complaints)
  • iGovern (MISReports)
  • iServey (Spot Survey)

Using the ARMS which is great mobile apps built on Android based is very needful and useful at when your utilities service technicians on the field can take instant payments from customers, avoiding costly shutoffs and return service calls.

Application/Solution Benefits

  • Easy to carry smart phone than industry specific devices
  • Scalability The time required to bring the mobile data entry device back to the utility company to upload the results is saved.
  • Cost Effective wrt to time and money Customers can be billed on the spot and sending the invoice/bill via E -mail and Bill Information via SMS.
  • Reliability The Solution can be extended to collecting money on the spot from customer for better revenue for Utilities company
  • Better cost Realization

Advanced features:

  • Online spot billing through GPRS.
  • Online spot collection through GPRS.
  • Offline spot billing and spot collection through encrypted data file.
  • Image capture
  • Spot Disconnection
  • Touch interface
  • Barcode printing and reading
  • Automatic meter reading
  • Spot identification of consumer number
  • Security through automatic device control system
This solution can be applied to a number of industries. Some examples are:
  • Utility companies
  • Banking and other Financial Institutes
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance Companies
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